Paran and Melody. Wedding 2020.

Florist @cafeaulaitevents

 Pastor Caleb Cole @calebdcole 

Bride ring – Blue nile ring 

Groom ring – alpine rings

 Shoes – Vepose women’s heeled sandals 

Dress – MUXXN 

Their love story started back in 2018 in Boston, MA. Paran and Melody met during their medical residency. He was an intern in his first year of medical training, She was a junior resident in her second. Both having an intense love for the outdoors, they hit things off on a residents‘ group ski trip.

There was a connection after hanging out at the lodge, he thought she was a beautiful soul, she thought he was cute. And even though they had driven up to the mountains of Vermont in a large group, He orchestrated the situation so he would end of driving back to Boston with only her. After a 2 hour drive plus a date-like stop for lunch, two unfamiliar people with completely different backgrounds became friends.

 After a couple of exciting texts, he was asking her out and her polite declines, part concern for their differences and part playing hard to get, they went on a Pseudo-romantic “non-date” as “friends” and the rest is history.


  1. Tatiana Kahl

    Beautiful wedding and bride! They will cherish those memories forever!!!

  2. Ramina Magid

    Wow, these photos are absolutely stunning!


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