Air Force wedding. Beale Air Force Base.

Venue: Beale Air Force Base

Videographer: Anrey Blagovestny

How Jermaine and Yolanda met.

Jermaine and Yolanda met May 20th 2015 during their initial Military Training Instructor course at Lackland Air Force Base. They were to be taught how to instruct basic lessons and rules to new recruits enlisting in the United States Air Force. Jermaine has an extensive background as an instructor for the military Security Police, so he excelled during this course. Yolanda came to know this and soon recruited him to help her. During the many study sessions, countless flirty & humorous texts, and phone calls, a bond was formed.

The found they both have a love for family, spaghetti, and going to the movies. These conversations eventually landed them to their first date, on June 25th 2015, to see Jurassic World. Jermaine met Yolanda at her car with flowers, opened all her doors, stared at her as if she were the most beautiful person he’d ever seen. It was shocking to Yolanda because she had never met a man so sweet and attentive. So it’s safe to say, the movie watched them instead of them watched the movie. From that point on they were inseparable. With military relationships, there are accepted risks for possible separation due to job movements or deployments. Jermaine and Yolanda dealt with both of these scenarios during their relationship.

The first being separation due to job movement. On August 25th 2018, Yolanda drove cross country to Northern California where she was to be stationed. Jermaine remained in Texas until his departure date in October 2018. They were lucky in a sense because its pretty rare for two military members to request to be stationed together and actually have that request accepted. Though they were apart for 45 days, the time still felt like forever. They were reunited again at the end of October to continue their journey together. Unfortunately it was short lived, Jermaine set out for a short notice deployment in April of 2019 to the Middle East.

During that 180 plus day timeframe, there were numerous phone calls, FaceTimes, video messages, cards, letters, and email exchanges that kept them close. In a sense their bond strengthened with each day & message. Until finally they were whole again on October 17th 2019 when he arrived home. Again the two were inseparable. They took a weekend get away to were Jermaine proposed over the Las Vegas Skyline in a helicopter on November 2nd 2019(of course she accepted). The two chose the leap year date of February 29th 2020 to exchange their nuptials because it fit their relationship, UNIQUE. The amazing secretive wedding planning of the groom, his family, and close friends of Yolanda, made this union even more memorable. To the think, the Bride had nothing to do with or knew of nothing for her wedding. How unique is that?! It’s just goes to show how awesome of husband Jermaine will be.


  1. Narmin Nasir

    Their love story is so unique and beautiful, they meant to be with each other. Looking forward to see a movie about them.

  2. Olga Kulakova

    Amazing wedding! I am after 1 bottle of champagne right now so I feel I celebrate with them!

  3. Olga Polo

    What a stunning couple! They look like models!

  4. Assel

    Adorable couple! Great work!


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