Bodega Bay.

Engagement Mick & Iryna

Misha, “We met each other through mutual friends.” Iryna, “One day we went to my brother’s soccer game.” Misha, “I offered to go to downtown.” Iryna, “We talked about ourselves, our lives, plans for future and stuff.” Misha, “Then we came back to the parking lot near soccer field where Ira parked and left home.” Iryna, “We were supposed to hang with our friends on Friday, but only а few of us did going to downtown again.” Misha, “I gave Ira and Oleg a ride Ira back to home. When we arrived, he said “Thank you” and left. Ira stayed for few seconds and did the same thing.” Iryna, “I received a message from Misha in few minutes after that. The message asked, “What did you want to tell me?” I was kinda confused and didn’t know what should I say because I don’t really know why I didn’t leave a car at the same time my brother did. So, I replied, “Nothing”” Misha, “I texted “OK. Then I’ll tell you.” I typed another message but erased it and typed it again.” Iryna, “That message said “I like you.” I was surprised and said I need more time to respond.” Misha, “On the next day, we met in the middle of the night after she was done with work. I asked if she thought about what we talked previous night.” Iryna, “I said that I need more time. He said Ok and left my car. And then came back and kissed me. He wanted to date me and I just needed more time to decide.” Misha, “On the next day she said “I like you back.” Ira, “So, we started dating.”


  1. Olga Kulakova

    Beautiful couple and amazing location! They will cherish those moments whole life.

  2. Assel

    Such a beautiful couple! You did amazing job!

  3. Tatiana Kahl

    Beautiful love birds! Amazing shots!

  4. Narmin Nasir-zada

    This couple got an amazing gallery. I love the location of photoshoot as well.


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