Michel and Karina.


We met in a Russian store. I worked there when I came only to America. When I was laying out the products on the showcase, Misha came up to meet me. Then he brought me coffee to work and flowers. Then we started walking, and now I’m his wife.

The proposal was in Lake Tahoe. We were invited to a birthday party. Misha’s friend had a birthday and they rented a very large house in the forest. There was a wonderful view with a forest and a lake. Misha asked his younger brother to help organize everything and make me a proposal. On this day, Misha told me to put on a beautiful dress and after I got ready we went to Starbucks for one hour and then we returned to the house. Misha closed my eyes, we went up to the second floor and there on the balcony he proposed to be his wife. And I said yes.❤️

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