Vera & Sergey.

Our love story gets the brightest contour with the most emotional moment – the engagement.
The timing my husband has chosen couldn’t be more perfect. We were on our winter vacation in magical and freeezing Wyoming. Oh, he had the whole thing planned out and he made sure about not slipping the thinnest clue about it. 
On last day of 2018, just at about midnight he made the big step, he confessed his feelings and love to me. The friends we were with have witnessed the big commitment me and my husband made to each other. An interesting thing that ‘spiced things up’ was the very low temperature. Outside, where I first saw the ring, there were no more than -30 degrees, sure made the whole thing even more memorable. 
Here we are, after a 2 year wait, having our dream full filled. Our wedding day was the happiest day ever, the day when me and my husband have created our own little perfect family! 
So grateful for love!


VENUE Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

BAND Art Group Band From Chicago

MAKEUP and HAIR Irina Stylist


VIDEOGRAPHER Andrey Blagovestniy

FLORIST violette_fleurs

CATERER polenta.doro

CAKE valentinas_cakes

COFFEE impressoespressocoffee

BARTENDER Petru Chetraru

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