Cumberland Park Engagement session.

Our love feels timeless…

Justin and I both grew up in Nashville. We went to school about 15 minutes from each other, yet our story began after we went to two separate cities for college, and found ourselves back in Nashville post-graduation. We have a more modern love story in the sense that we met through a dating app, yet our love feels timeless.

We often talk about the invisible string that has tied us to one another since childhood. We grew up very similarly and all within the same city limits. We know our paths have crossed many times before our first date, yet Justin and I truly fell into love once we met. We are one another’s best friend and I’ve never been more thankful to spend my life with someone as strong, compassionate, and tender-hearted as Justin. Love is about growth and commitment, and Justin inspires me in that daily.

We truly are each other’s soulmate and our love is something we will never take for granted. These pictures genuinely capture that and we are so thankful to celebrate our engagement with one of Nashville wedding photographer for years to come. 

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