Tommy & Chenoa Story

They are starting the journey to forever together.

Tommy & Chenoa”s love story began back in 2020 when the world was at the beginning of shutdown. Chenoa is from Michigan and drove down to Tennessee with her girl friend, Stacey, to go stay with her longtime friend, Ben, who was in the army and stationed in Clarksville at the time. Chenoa was actually coming down to set Stacey up with Ben and to be with close friends during lock down, she had no idea what was to come.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to a small barbecue get together at Ben’s and in walks Tommy… The connection between Tommy & Chenoa happened immediately. He was shy, and so was she, but they talked all night long on the porch getting to know each other until the sun came up. Since that night they have been inseparable. As the shutdown ended a few months later Chenoa had to return back to work in Michigan (leaving Stacey behind to stay with Ben 😉

) and leaving Tommy to his military duties. The love that quickly formed between them became long distance, but they were unable to stay apart so, after 6 months from the night when they first locked eyes Chenoa came back to Tennessee and her and Tommy finally moved in together. Now, after 4 years and 3 different moves, they are back in Clarksville, Tennessee where their love story all started, they just bought their first home, and are starting the journey to forever together🤍

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